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Is This The Worst Game of the GTA 3 Era?

Is this the worst game in the GTA 3 Era? (3, VC, SA, A, LCS, VCS)  

546 members have voted

  1. 1. Is this the worst game in the GTA 3 Era? (3, VC, SA, A, LCS, VCS)

    • Yes
    • No

Recommended Posts

Not at all. While LCS was a side-step in GTA's progression (returning to an altered Vice City engine) but the care was still there. The lighting in the game goes from doom 'n gloom to bright sunny days, even capturing the feel of a '90s era city (especially in certain areas at night). While I enjoyed it back in the day, GTA Advance doesn't feel as if much effort was put into it as a whole.

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Technically? No, it was first 3D portable gta after all. And VCS was lagging af on PSP.
Story wise? No
Voice acting? Yes, cuz recasting, cuz R* didn't give enough money to get right voice actors back.

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Voice acting? Yes, cuz recasting, cuz R* didn't give enough money to get right voice actors back.

I don't think they wanted Michael Madsen back after he did the lines for the Driv3r protagonist. That goddamn race traitor.

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I don't think Liberty City Stories is the worst in the 3D era, just has limited features compared to SA since it was on a handheld. Worst would have to be GTA Advance, for sure.

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For me, it's GTA III. Buying it was just a waste of damn cash..

Well I mean, it was the first 3D era GTA. You can expect a lot of features from future games not to be present there. Still though, what makes you think buying GTA 3 was a waste of cash?

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For me, it's GTA III. Buying it was just a waste of damn cash..

LCS was my first GTA, and I ended up going backwards and playing III after SA and VC. I never felt that the gap between the three was that far. III is simpler and has its own charm and feel to it that I love. I prefer LCS though. I understand why people would think that III was better in some ways...but LCS simply had more to do.
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  • 2 weeks later...

Despite the fact I changed my mind about this game a few days ago, LCS is right away from being the worst GTA from the 3d era, nothing can assimilate the bad old Advance. But I do believe that LCS was a downgrade in terms of features. A sh*tload of stuff put in San Andreas was removed and the game went back to the "III/VC style" than implementing a few more stuffs and go ahead like it did in 2008 when IV was released (IMO).

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  • 3 weeks later...

No. That award goes to Vice City Stories. Hands down.


Liberty City Stories blew everybody away upon release. A fully 3D Grand Theft Auto experience on a handheld device was unfathomable at the time.


Of all the 3D-era entries into the series, Vice City Stories was the only one that brought nothing new to the table, and was simply more of the same.

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I don't think Liberty City Stories is the worst. The setting is good, the storyline is crisp and well connected to the previous games and is very less confusing. On top of that, you've a familiar city to explore with a great set of vehicles. And now, there's an Android/iOS port as well.


On the other hand, Vice City Stories is much worse. So many characters and poor attempting at connecting it to the events before Vice City. That's just my opinion though.

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  • 2 months later...

I really find the game pretty good, but compared to other 3D Universe titles (Advance doesn't count as a GTA on its own to me), LCS came up really mediocre. The worst thing outta all was the dull story that brang nothing rather than force characters from former GTA's to re-appear. As one person said, LCS was the V of the 3D Universe.

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QUOTE (RyujinXKaizer @ Saturday, May 19 2012, 10:29) The worst GTA III Era is GTA Advance. I second that.

Completely agreed

The worst one is VCS. Period

Why exactly?
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  • 11 months later...
  • 3 months later...

The worst game in 3d era is Advance. LCS is a masterpiece. Great storyline, awesome characters, fun side missions are just some to be mentioned. Although, the antagonist was the worst of all, doesn't means the game is worst.

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No GTA LCS is awesome. They missions are fun until the end. The end is not that exciting and it's very dull unlike GTA 3, GTA VC, SA and GTA VCS endings. The ending was basicaly nonsense. Why wouldn't the story end goodly, by resolving every bullsh*t? I think Vincenzo should be killed at the end.

Edited by CoolMods
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I was about to vote yes...but since gta advance is considered a 3D era game(although its 2D) i voted no.

While gta LCS had disappointing ending and lacklustre storyline,it stilll had fun sidemissions.

While there was not a single good thing about Advance,hell even the graphics looked like crap compared to gta1 and gta2.

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As everyone said countless times, Advance is most definetly the worst one. The story in this game wasn't great, although I do prefer some side missions from this game over some of the others from other 3D era titles.


If Advance wouldn't be counted as a 3D universe game, then based on story alone it would have to be one of the Stories games (ironic).

Edited by iguaan
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I think calling it the "worst" of the III era is a little harsh. Especially given that it was Rockstar's first entry into making games on the PSP, and San Andreas was a tough act to follow. The story was definitely not the best compared to other III era titles, but overall, I still enjoyed LCS.

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To love GTA3 you had to be around when it launched im an older gamer so GTA3 was a revelation back in the day, it may look dated now but back then it looked amazing

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A lot of you are looking at this completely wrong. Games like these shouldn't be graded by subjectivity. They should instead be graded on how different they were from their predecessors and how much content they added.

  1. III was similar to Driver 2 which released the year prior, but instead of fitting the map around the missions, the missions were fit around the map. It was jawdropping at the time and completely alien to GTA 2 players but hasn't aged well in the long run.
  2. Vice City took what III built and expanded upon it. We got more outfits, a better soundtrack, aircraft, motorcycles, the kickass 80s atmosphere and the ability to use tools as weapons. Tommy was a memorable protagonist with a great VA.
  3. San Andreas added an obscene amount of content with all the RPG-style elements, 200+ vehicles, 100+ story missions and one of the largest maps on the PS2. You could take photos with the camera in one breath and fly around on a jetpack the next.
  4. Liberty City Stories was an unexpected step down. We all expected the next GTA would be based off of San Andreas' engine. Some of us even thought we'd see Upstate Liberty. They had the potential to make something truly great and didn't.
  5. When it came to Vice City Stories we knew exactly what to expect, and it's clear R* had fun making it. They reintroduced a swimming protagonist, added Empire building, and bought all the tracks they couldn't afford during VC's development.

So altogether


Edited by AlexGRFan97
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