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No Missions!


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Hi Everyone, Im new to the forum smile.gif


I have done all the missions up until High Noon. I dont see any mission Icons on my map and Im not sure what I did wrong

I have one cheat saved which is a weapons cheat. I also checked out the mission list but I cant seem to figure out what to do next. I'm certain I havent finished the game yet. I realized I hadnt finished Zero's missions so I went and finished those and still nothing.


Heres my save game, maybe someone can look at it and see whats up?





Thanks smile.gif



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there's an icon for me; the airstrip icon.

which starts the black project then unlocks green goo.


you need to finish green goo, high noon and freefall in order for you to unlock saint mark's bistro


i did it too just in case you find it hard;

For: mysty1234

Missions: Black Project


Link: http://gtasnp.com/30517

Notes: Picked up a minigun for you.

Had to answer the phone call to unlock the next mission, Green Goo.

Also placed a shamal inside the hangar. Feel free to trash it away if you don't want it.(not to sound bitter)


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lil weasel

It is not unusal for New Players to miss the "Airplane" Icon. Unlike Zero's Missions the Verdant Meadows Missions must ALL be completed.

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lil weasel

You're Welcome.

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