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Out of Commision bug fix/trick

Dr. John

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This is a small video which I made to show how to climb the helicopter in the last mission. It should also work in "The Revenger's Tragedy". If the problem persists in Xbox360 and PS3 then you should try this out. Hope this helps. smile.gif


For those who have low connections:


Just after Niko jumps from the Motorcycle, press the pause button and go to Keyboard Configuration Option. Click on Custom Mapping and change the configuration of jump button to Up Arrow and the Move forward button to Space. Do your best in tapping. After you get in, reset the configuration and chase Pegorino. Happy gaming.




Just to be careful, you need to tap the Up arrow rapidly. If you don't then you fall down. I know you don't want to do that sh*tty chase and fail but it is worth.

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That's good thinking, great job! smile.gif


But I don't think you can change the button configuration in the console, can you? confused.gif


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Not sure but Go to Controller Options < Controller Configuration. There should be a option configure the controls.


Thanks. smile.gif

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That never worked for me. Or for most other people. I tried up, down, comma, slash and a whole lot more.

So have a lot of other people.

It's funny, Rockstar doesn't say this works. They don't suggest it.

They do suggest using Fraps though if you call them and ask.

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Hey guys ... i tried almost everything what was written above ... but I have kinda boosted PC and even with max details and fraps I am still over 60 fps and coudnt climb that Helicopter

Fortunately here is quite "simple" solution. I downloaded trial version of this program " Jitbit Macro recorder " and created simple macro pressing space bar every 10 ms =>


1) make sure that macro is long enough ( or set it to repeat automaticly )

2) when you should climb the helicopter, just pause the game with ESC, ALT + Tab to windows and start the macro

3) then with the mouse click the game back from to panel

4) unpause and your Romanian friend should climb that sh1t like Chuck Norris ...

5) when you are done, back to windows and pause macro and you can finish the mission ( strongly recommend you to ignore game advice to stay low with Helicopter and just fly up and follow target )

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