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Not sure WTF is going on.

Sgt. Foley

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Sgt. Foley



I was playing TBoGT on the 360 today and I was doing what I normally do, you know, killing cops and what not. My wanted level went up to 6 very fast and I was driving an APC. 2 helicopters arrived, they were indeed police, an Annihilator, and a Maverick, then it looked like a predator missile or something from a drone came down and killed me with one hit. I respawned, it happened again. Also, when I go though streets at a fast pace like 100-120 MPH, I get 2 stars.


Can someone explain this?


I have 2 modded saves, I was using one. I did this on another save and it still did this? Help please!

You Win.


I'm done.

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My guess is use a different save. It seems like your having wanted level issues with the save file. Ive modded my saves before on the Xbox 360 and I've had no issues.


On GTA IV for PC I had a save that I couldn't get a wanted level. The down side was it stopped me from being able to pass the Late Checkout mission. The glitch happened when I did the Snow Storm mission. I had no wanted level when the swat team guys came in. I don't know if it happened during the mission or when I loaded the save. The save wasn't modded, and all I had was the Simple Native Trainer. It was an early version though because at the time GTA IV was on like Patch or something and the trainer was in early stages.

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