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Donna Summer Dead.

Mister Pink

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Mister Pink

So Donna Summer died. I've fond memories of buzzing to Donna Summers - I Feel Love produced by Giorgio Moroder (Scarface OST) and and Car Wash song.


Sad news.





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My personal favorite from Donna Summer was 'She Works Hard for the Money'.

Not many days ago I was listening to it.

And right now, I'm listening it again.

Other songs, like 'Hot Stuff' heard countless times on the radio.


Rest in Peace.

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Sad to hear this. I was in my teens when she hit it big. Her music brings back fond memories.


PinkFloyd - the "Car Wash" theme was performed by the group Rose Royce, not Donna Summer.


We also lost legendary bassist Donald 'Duck' Dunn(Booker T & the MGs) & soul great Chuck Brown("Bustin' Loose").

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I heard this news earlier on today, sad news indeed. sad.gif


I'd be lying if I said I'd never sang "Hot Stuff" on the karaoke machine, and I've recently been listening to some of her other songs, most recently "I Feel Love".


Rest In Peace Donna Summer.

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Wait. Am I the only one who thinks of Bad Girls when thinking of Donna Summer?



This song was the sh*t at the roller skating rink.


She was a good lady. Then again I was never a disco heater. Can't go wrong with songs like 'Hot Stuff'... and what public dancing event is complete without 'Last Dance' as the final song?


*side note: my dogs are up here and when I started playing 'Bad Girls' they started freaking out. I had to remind them that we our honoring Donna Summer, and they relaxed.

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Aww sh*t! sad.gif Not only is "I Feel Love" the sexiest song evaar, but it was pretty ground breaking synth pop/disco at the time.


Check dis out



RIP Queen of Disco inlove.gif




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I saw it on a VH1 'crawl' last night. This morning they've said she had cancer she was not open with the public about, but claimed by whomever that the 9/11 attack debris facilitated this problem of health that she had since


NEVER a fan of DISCO, no secret, but in later years I appreciate the best of the best, and this song was probably my favorite from Donna Summer



Donald Dunn is a fixture of the BLUES BROTHERS band, the original classic film with also the late John Belushi. As FYI, during that last Jailhouse Rock closing song, look at Joe Walsh as the first guy to jump up on the table dancing







Her last full album, after something like 17 years




Also it was mentioned on morning radio before she did solo performing, she was a backup singer for the most excellent THREE DOG NIGHT


Joe Cocker cover, a non DISCO song, as she was not part and parcel of that era, like the Bee Gees as well


Also mention that she did a duet with Barbara Striesand who I don't think is disco, perhaps I'm wrong?

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