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GTA TLaD Clan Up and Coming!


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Ok so I've been trying this for a while now mad.gif and I haven't been getting any responses, so I'm going to attempt it here on the actual GTA Forums,


I'm looking at starting a clan for GTA TLaD (only TLaD because of hackers on TBoGT) and I'm asking for people to join me biggrin.gif its nothing over the top, no role playing or anything of the sorts, not that I have a problem with that! biggrin.gif I'm not too bothered on the size of the clan or if you male/female, I only ask that you speak english (and a mic would be a bonus!) Unlike the other clans I've seen about I actually pay attention to other members input such as name, missions (who's saying role plays out of the question:D) hideouts and outfits,

To start off with we will need a name, a location to call our own "hideout" and preference on cars/bikes, or even colour I'm not really fussed, so if your up for joining add me on xbox live, my gamertags: SlobberDobzz

Be sure to tell me where you got my gamertag from so I just don't reject or anything! Post below to discuss or add me on xbox biggrin.gif

Look forward to hearing from you all!

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