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Which is safer? Mexico or the Middle East?


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Ok, so you guys have heard about those 49 dead bodies in Mexico and all those other killings like the chainsaw beheading. and you have all heard about the stuff going on in the middle east, but heres what I have to ask you, which place is safer?


Mexico.... or a The Middle East (afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, etc...)


Personally, Id go with mexico because there is some safe parts. with a.... good police force, and there isnt any ieds in the ground


(Oh and how do I make a poll)

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I'd advise against making a poll, a bit out of place in D&D.


Your question is a bit vague and hard to answer as well. I mean there are so many different definitions of just what actually constitutes the "Middle East". Both locations are also incredibly large and with varying levels of conflict in different locations. And what do you mean by safe? The risk of death? the risk of being a victim of crime?


The middle East especially has so much diversity, with the more developed countries being just as safe as the US or a European country. I'll say Mexico, just because the Middle East has active warzones and small pockets of very very dangerous areas, whereas Mexico doesn't really have anything like that. But your question is a bit flawed.

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I agree with stu. There are areas of the Middle East like the UAE, Oman, parts of Saudi Arabia, that are just like Europe. As for Mexico, you will also find these areas in the forms of their larger cities and also the resort areas. The rest of the country though is really just piss poor towns. I don't think I can definitively say which one is safer. Pick a country in the middle east and maybe from then we can discuss it.

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Mexico has an annual fatality rate not far off that of Afghanistan. Which isn't in the Middle East, but is more dangerous than anywhere that is. So the answer is Mexico.


And that's the thread done.

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