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Patriarca mafia


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The Patriarca Mafia is well organized crime family and dont back down from a fight.




Patriraca Mafia is known for its assassinations we assassinated multiple bosses




The Patriarcas are good for business and will support you in any cause such as wars,assassinations,etc.




The orders we carry out are never out of our reach we will do any job none of it is difficult.




We never ride alone and reaching us will be hard because talking to the Don is getting the approval of many different ranking and allies.




We operate in china town, china town is our strong hold and have a HQ in the area




We also have hove beach as a strong hold and also have a HQ




We have allies we have enemies we have fun but when it comes to getting down to business we will be on top.

Our Rivals Are:





The lost mc

Djcool123123123 has a bounty and is wanted dead.


The vallones

Don vallnes has a bounty on his head wanted dead

Our Allies Are:

The irish mob




The Pegorinos




The McRearys



Edited by gamesguru
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Mr White0161

I would say good luck but that'd be an exaggeration and over-statement. All I can really say is how long does anyone else think it'll take until this topic gets locked?

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Boss Falcone

First of all welcome. Read the forum guideline. If you would like to stay on the forums add a roster message the gods of Valor and you also have to add an application page. Look at other gang topics example Bianco crime famigla it is not necessary to add graphics but it will make your page look good. So read guideline add application and roster and you have to manage your clan from here. Also tell one of the moderaters to shrink them picture for you because it stretches the page.

Edited by Boss Falcone

Important Announcment

I am stepping down as Chief of LSPD, basically I am resigning, I have college, work

and real life events coming up soon. This account shall be banned which I shall request soon. It was nice working with all of the officers and members of the LSPD. I shall stay in contact with you all. No matter what happens, I will still be getting GTA V, maybe I'll play with some of you soon, but when I get on Xbox, we shall decide what will happen with the LSPD, thank you for being loyal and respectful members and standing firmly by my side, appreciate it.

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The Wong Asian

holy sh*t. can you tone down, make your pictures smaller.

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You can not reference gangs or members that are not situation on these forums. So you will have to remove all cases of that within your opening post. You will also need to include a roster containing any forum members in it and an application form for members to use. It may be in your best interest to elaborate further than the few bullet points you have provided. Using gigantic images does not help to create a false sense of effort/content. Look at other gangs' topics for an idea on what you need to include, and what sort of effort is expected from you.


I've taken the liberty of removing the closing tags from your images. In future use images that do not stretch the page, and try to avoid hot-linking images as opposed to re-uploading them to an image host. Make the changes mentioned above and go into a bit more detail in order to avoid your topic being locked for a third time.

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I cant agree more with the first bounty there.. but like others said (especially gamesguru) put more effort into it, make a roster table where you can place the names of your gangmembers that are also here, and dont post such page stretching images and dont forget to put up an application.


Take a look at other gangs. See what they've done with their front pages to get a rough idea of whats good. Mind you we dont like copiers around here so get fresh material from some one in our GFX requests section. Theres tons of people there more than willing to help with some flashy and slick graphics.



Good luck!

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Mr. Reaper.
good luck, are you on the xbox or ps3?

They're on Xbox.

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I dont get some people at all. "O hey there is a gang topic.

lets post stupid BS saying how much my gang is awesome!"

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