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Violence In Video Games & Its Effect On Young Adul

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it affects nobody, ever!


I'm sorry but I do not agree with that part. I heard about somebody killing another person in the real world because of a conflict in World of Warecraft. Although I didn't find this exact story, I did find some others. They can be found here.

That's not violence inspired by video game violence; to which I was referring to and that is the issue here. This is about people taking a game too seriously. Completely different issue, people could do that over any game really.


The murder was not due to the game being violent, it was due to 2 main factors:

1 - The guy took WoW too seriously, can happen with any game, this has nothing to do with violent content of the game, could happen over WoW, GTA or Mario Kart

2 - As with any murders (as I see them) the perp has something off with him, to take another person's life you must have something off with you, thats how I feel about murder anyway.

As one of the things that brings you the most joy and comfort in life, as one of the only platforms where you have a large group of friends to talk to and have fun with, and as something you've invested many, many hours of your life in, as that man probably did with WoW, playing the old and, in my honest opinion, ignorant and idiotic "You take games too seriously" card, (That's not to say that the user is ignorant and/or idiotic, just that you haven't considered the issue before writing it as such, or not from the right light) is just meaningless.


Someone killing someone else simply because he's a messed up individual is crazy, NO MATTER THE REASON. The WoW thing that got he other guy killed is simply the EXCUSE for killing somebody, and the game itself had NOTHING to do with the decision making process. Sodas don't hurt people because, one time, two people fought over the last soda in the vending machine, which was free.



As for the actual topic, psychologists/psychiatrists/numerous studies haven't been able to link violence to playing video games in any credible way. For us, a bunch of average Joes with no proficiency in the matter, to talk about this topic in such a generalist fashion, and tell people whether it's certain or even probable that violent video games don't affect behaviors all that much is funny.


The best we can do is look at our experience, either share them here or just draw the conclusions from the INDIVIDUAL cases.


With some (Although quite basic) psychological knowledge, I'll try to give in my two cents.


The issue has been considered from several different perspectives, but most experts agree (And, to be honest, it makes the most sense to me personally, maybe to most of you) that the real possible issue with children playing video games is that, if they play it at an impressionable age where they can't distinguish between real and fictional, bad things will happen inside their head.


I was introduced to video games at a very early age. The first games I played were M Alien Paranoia, where you're an alien running around, collecting screws and killing enemies (With boomerangs, lasers and slapping them to death, which is so far off from reality it is, in my opinion, irrelevant, since those have been around since the 60s and they seem not to have affected anybody, or at least, a remotely relevant majority.) I then proceeded to play some games about Tarzan, Aladdin and so forth. A lot of fantasy games, where the violence was so distant from anything in reality that distinguishing between real and fictional was no a real issue.


In the mean time, my father was rocking out to Doom, Quake, and later Half Life, Red Faction and many other shooters that were coming out. At the time. However, I don't know if this was his intention or not, but he didn't expose me to those games until I understood that video games were video games, and reality was reality. Only then, when I could make that distinction clear as day, because the computer was the thing with the aliens and monkeys, while real life was real life, did he introduce me to "realistical" or at least realistically looking shooters.


The concern seems to be that nowadays, parents are skipping the in between stage, and are ignorantly buying realistic, urban 1st person shooters to 5 year old children who don't really have it carved in their brain, as most of us have had, that interactive video games (yes, that's probably an oxymoron, but the interactive part is very very important in this context) have NO relation to real life.



As far as I've seen around myself and analyzing my own behavior, I can say that most children CAN actually distinguish between video games and real life, however I can't speak for everybody, especially considering these modern, uber realistic URBAN shooters. I do think that, even if children can emphasize with the story, main character and so on, they still won't go on a killing spree because they think it's ok OR they don't understand the problem with doing that. The only other thing that can be argued is strange kids who would grow up to be checked into a mental institute playing video games and going out and doing it. MAYBE that could be an issue, but I haven't heard any solid cases of that happening, however the Norway shooter one does seem at least plausible.


Thus, in my opinion, violent video games DO NOT provoke violence in real life. And, even if it can be argued that it could, if the "in between" step of really fantasy style games is thrown in, before the really realistical shooter ones, then it is my belief that in 90% of cases, the kids would be just fine.


As for video games desensitizing kids' views on death and such, it depends on the person and their involvement with video games, but I do tihnk that's real. However, even though I've been playing video games forever, and am used to fighting bosses and just conflict and such in every game, it was all so fictional and easy to separate from real life, that to this day I'm deathly scared of REAL LIFE confrontation. Fighting/arguing on the internet, going toe to toe with someone in a multiplayer game, all fine, talking to some guy knowing there's a risk of having to fight, even if he's not bigger than me, freaking horrifying.


I think it's the same as before. It's so different from real life taht the only thing video games could desensitize is the kid's ability to empathize with genocide victims, but attitude towards deaths of people close to him or deaths they can understand, that seem very real, will not be affected by video games, in my (rock solid) opinion.


In conclusion, if my train of thought was correct, the only real issue would be kids' ability to separate real from fiction, which I think, from my experience, is not at all uncommon.


How about you guys?

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El Dildo

this has gone on for too long already.


violent video games do not cause violence.

99% of the violent crime in this world can be traced DIRECTLY to a poor childhood resulting from weak parenting or a complete lack of strong parental influence.


if you raise a normal, well-adjusted child in a relatively normal household then you can expose them to all the violent games and movies you want.

he's not going to kill anybody. if he does, it won't be because of the games or movies.


children learn to separate fantasy from reality at an early age.

being able to mow down crowds of human beings with headshots using your M16 in Call of Duty DOES NOT translate to the ability to effectively wield an M16 in real life. most kids are naturally afraid of or intimated by real firearms unless they were raised in a household where guns were a big deal and used all the time; like if their dad is a deer hunter or target shooter or something.


there's not a shred of viable evidence that can link violent media exposure to increased levels of violent behavior.

sometimes it seems like there's more violence today than in the past but that's not true at all.


it seems this way because we have news on TV and the internet that runs 24-7 and covers the entire world (and they like to focus on sensational, violent news instead of happy, peaceful news); we're simply hearing about violence more often, it's not actually happening any more often. and then you have to consider the fact that video games have only existed for about as long as the 24-7 / 365 global news cycle. both of these things came along in just the last 25 years.


the Earth has a history of extreme violence and genocide that has been going on for THOUSANDS OF YEARS before games and movies ever existed.

if anything, our total level of violence and suffering has gone DOWN drastically in the last couple of centuries.


also, watch this:



Edited by El_Diablo

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As said on radio stations in GTA, your children should already be asleep this late, you should have put them to bed hours ago etc.


Metaphorically meaning you should pay more attention to what your children play/buy. After all you are the parent the child needs to give them recongition to purchase and play the game. If you say your kids told you it wasn't violent you are still at fault being you didn't read the rating.


Sh$t some of you sound like Hilary Clinton dozingoff.gif

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