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IV and EFLC slowdowns


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Hey there,


I have a massive slowdown problem , a few weeks ago i changed form 32bit to 64bit and added 4gb of ram so now i have 8gb of ram . Unfortunatly i thought it would kick ass performance but i only get like 30 fps? And it gets even worse when i put my enb from when i had 32 bit (it then was running great no lag or slowdowns). I have tried the following:

Lowering settings : only the shadows to off helped a bit but i would still get massive slowdowns

Updating drivers : no result

Overclocking : no result

memrestrict : no result

from to : only longer load times sad.gif


here are my pc specs


AMD radeon HD 6800 series 1GB

AMD Phenom II X4 955 Processor, 3200 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)

BIOS Version/Date : American Megatrends Inc. 1601


Windows 7 ultimate 64bit


Please reply biggrin.gif

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Did you reinstall and then used patch 4 or did you downgrade?

You're not supposed to downgrade, so if you did so you should reinstall and use patch 4 since that's the best one performance-wise.


What are your settings, could you list them fully?

My guess would be that your sliders are too high, lower them to 25 or something.

Your settings should be somewhere at medium icon14.gif


Also, don't use ENB.

Even I get 25 to 30 fps with it wink.gif

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i installed IV freshly and then put in the patch 4 files but man on 32 bit i had like you 25-30fps and now suddenly only like 5fps most of the time? But i noticed something strange when i walk around a bit more i get for a couple of seconds the 25-30 frame rate ? As for the settings it doesnt matter how high i set the view distance or night shadows it always stays the same except for if i put the shadows to off but it looks horrible. I thought that getting 64bit was supposed to make the game run better with more GB of ram? sad.gif

btw thanks for the quick reply:D

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Hmms ... this is strange.

I'd say, wait for the real technicians like Mkey82 who'll help you out.

They know more of it than I do wink.gif


But what was your commandline?

You should use "-noprecache" (without the quotes) and a "-memrestrict XXX" (again, without quotes. XXX is the number) number, which really helped me.

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i have tried the memrestrict that rockstar suggested as high something with 629 i think? but i will try it again and see if it helps . But i keep wondering , why could i easily run my enb on 32 bit with 25-30fps with only 3.25GB of ram and on 64bit only like 5fps with HUGE slowdowns and sometimes the normal framerate? I have also tried adjusting the various thing in enb series such as turning off SSAO. Like i said i will try the noprecache and memrestrict right away biggrin.gif



EDIT: i also noticed quite a strange bug , sometimes when i start my game the audio doesnt work , it also doesnt work on vanilla IV mmmm i think i am going to update ALL of my drivers


EDIT 2: YES ITS WORKING PROPERLY AGAIN! All i did was going into bios and disable amd cool n quiet and (most important) unlock the 4cores (they were locked or something for some reason? LOL) anyway thanks for still replying u can close the thread now or whatever u want to do with it:D


But now i have a game to play smile.gif

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