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lil weasel

Air Raid: Aim so that the planes fly into the gun fire, don't chase them.

Watch the Pattern. Front, Left, Right, Behind. They always fly in the same patterns, learn them.

Don't shoot while moving gun aim point, it vibrates too much.


Supply Lines: If you are on the PS2 your mission is timed by the Fuel Use.

Off the roof turn left for the bicycle messanger.

Ahead turn right and right again. Land and shoot the van/driver.

Take off and turn left down the hill. Chase the van (it will take different paths) to kill it.

Then fly over the buildings to the Motorcyle messenger, his passenger will shoot at you.)

Last go for the final Van.

fly home.


New Model Army:(Ignore Zero.)

Grab a bomb first and go after the nearest Tiger. Use the shadow of the Goblin to determine when you are above the target Tank.

On the way back clear the barrel blocking Zero.

Grab another bomb to take out the second Tiger that is just up the road from the first one.

Grab a Plank to put in front of Zero.

Grab another bomb and kill the third (last) Tiger.

Retrieve the Plank and move it to the other river crossing.

Clear Barrels for Zero.

You're Done.

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