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GTA: Made Men


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Credits to XTREME0235 for the banner. Credits to the Angels of Death for character sheet.



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Your are being introduced to the Pegorino Crime Family. The Pegorino Family is the main mafia that controls Alderney. As the story progresses, you will gain new friends and new affairs with other groups or your on family. Please read the story to find out more information.


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Chapter 1


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Next Mission


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Character Biography and Current Events
user posted image Biography: In the old country, my grandfather was raised to fight for his life - and as it turns out I am following in his footsteps. I am 24 years old and am trying to gain enough money so I can fly back to Los Santos where my family lives. I spent all my money to fly to Liberty City for a quick job I was doing for that scumbag brother of mine, Robert. I ended up losing all my money and being stuck in this hell-hole. My brother left me for dead when I was helping him and his buddies rob a bank down in lower Algonquin. I got caught and had to bail myself out, never hearing from Robert again. I am going to find that two-faced bastard, and when I do, he is going to get a little peace of my mind..
Family Position: Varies by mission

Name: Luca Gavino

Date of birth: December 12, 1984

Nickname: No known alias

Home: Apartment located in Meadow Hills

Vehicle: Red Albany Presidente

Current Life: Current life varies every mission, please read the missions to learn more.
Character Biography and Current Events
user posted image Biography: Jimmy Pegorino was born in Alderney City, Alderney. His father was the leader of the Pegorino Family, an Italian-American crime family that was highly disrespected by Italian-American crime families from Liberty City. Jimmy was first arrested for theft 3 times in the mid 1970s, between the ages of 16 and 19; at some point He married Angie Pegorino, and they had a son.
Family Position: Don Pegorino

Name: Jimmy Pegorino

Date of birth: April 4, 1957

Nickname: Don, Boss, Skipper

Home: Pegorino Estate

Vehicle: Black Schafter

Current Life: Eventually, Jimmy took control over the Pegorino Family from his father. He desperately wanted to join The Commission, although his family was still weak and no family had ever been given a new seat since the original five families founded it. He sought to impress them by improving his own family, allowing the Pavano Family to operate in Alderney and anonymously weakening the Ancelotti Family (hoping none of the five would realize it was him and distrust him). He learned that a leader shouldn't place value on his employees until they either impress him (like Phil Bell) or, ironically, become a threat to him because of their over-ambition (like Ray Boccino).
Character Biography and Current Events
user posted image Biography: Phil Bell was born in 1968 in Alderney City, and is of 90% Irish with some Italian heritage. He acts as if he were a full Italian, probably to fit in with his fellow mafioso. In Catch the Wave, Phil says a lot of Italian phrases, and calls the Irish Mob " Irish idiots", suggesting he is a bit ashamed to be Irish. At age 16 in 1984, he was arrested for trying to steal a car.
Family Position: Consigleire

Name: Phill Bell

Date of birth: June 6, 1968

Nickname: St. Patrick

Home: Tudor, Alderney

Vehicle: Black Intruder

Current Life: Phil maintains that he is a legitimate businessman, managing construction yards and the Pegorino-owned Honker's Gentlemen's Club based in Tudor. The authorities have his places of business bugged, so he speaks in generalities which will not implicate him in anything, and is especially cautious with his planning. He and fellow Pegorino capo Ray Boccino secretly hate each other, because Phil believes "every move he makes is so obvious, it's disgusting to see him trying to sleaze his way up the ladder". Ray is also much more ambitious and even selfish, while Phil believes that "there ain't much in this life you got control of", which is why he follows Jimmy's orders to the letter, even when he believes it won't work perfectly (as seen in Catch the Wave). Phil and Jimmy Pegorino's wife Angie are very good friends, causing some to believe they're having an affair. Jimmy doesn't believe the rumors, and has trust in Phil.
Character Biography and Current Events
user posted image Biography: Ray was born in 1976 in Westdyke, Alderney. He is of Italian ancestry. Little is known about Boccino prior to the events of 2008, he joined or got into the Pegorino Family and worked his way up the ladder to the position of Capo. He has developed a rivalry to Phil Bell (possibly jealousy at his better reputation), and even accuses him of being a rat. When it comes to Pegorino, he has a negative opinion on Ray due to his inability to complete his operations (including the Diamonds issue) and states in Pegorino's Pride that he doubts he will ever make it to the level he wants to reach due to his greed (Probably trying to become the Underboss or Boss of the Pegorino Crime Family). Ray is often brought up in conversations with Phil and Pegorino, and Niko even mentions he blames Ray for the Diamond issue because of his poor planning and the amount of people he would get involved. Ray's greed, selfishness and corruption would eventually lead to death.
Family Position: Caporegime

Name: Ray Boccino

Date of birth: August 24, 1976

Nickname: Raymundo

Home: Little Italy, Algonquin

Vehicle: Pearl Colored Oracle

Current Life: Ray gets orders from Jimmy Pegorino to begin cutting business into Algonquin by stealing business from the Ancelotti Family and the Algonquin Triads. In order to do so, he hires the McRearys and Niko Bellic to carry out several jobs for this purpose, such as stealing cloned meds from the triads, stealing an Ancelotti pay-off, sabotaging the Ancelottis alliance with the Albanian mafia and killing Ancelotti capo Frank Garone.
Character Biography and Current Events
user posted image Biography: Pegorino claims to have raised Corrado like he was his own son after his son committed suicide. He (and his wife) even go so far as to abuse and berate him as if he were their son.

Corrado was arrested three times between 1995-1997, for Hijacking, Assault, and Manslaughter.

Family Position: Solider

Name: Anthony Corrado

Date of birth: April 31, 1980

Nickname: Tony

Home: Apartment just north of the Alderney booth tunnel

Vehicle: White Marbelle

Current Life: Not much is known about him; however, he is currently the top solider of the Pegorino family and is trying to be promoted to a Caporegime.
Character Biography and Current Events
user posted image Biography: No known history.
Family Position: Associate

Name: Tommy Alamo

Date of birth: July 2, 1981

Nickname: No known alias

Home: Apartment in lower Hove Beach

Vehicle: Green Washington

Current Life: Tommy is, in 2008, a resident of Liberty City, the bartender at The Honker's Club in Tudor and a member of the Pegorino Family. He works for Phil Bell, an associate of Jimmy Pegorino.
Character Biography and Current Events
user posted image Biography: No known history.
Family Position: Associate

Name: Frankie Gallo

Date of birth: June 18, 1978

Nickname: Snowballs

Home: North Holland Projects

Vehicle: Black Emperor

Current Life: Frankie Gallo is Phil Bell's 30-year old nephew (on Bell's wife side) and an Enforcer of the Pegorino crime family, in Alderney. His uncle is a key member of the Pegorino crime family. It is also rumored he has a cocaine addiction, hence the nickname "Snowballs".


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The Pegorino Family


North Holland Hustlers


McReary Family


Federal Investigation Bureau


The Ancelloti Family


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Default Outfit

Assorted Perseus Suits

Black Armani Suit

Grey Armani Suit

Assorted Dress Slacks


Defualt Shoes

Other shoes from IV


Black Carrera Sunglasses

Stylish Reading Shades

Vintage Fedora

Assorted Golf Caps


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Assasination Jobs: Meet the 'Contractor' at Port Tudor. He will assign you up to 23 assassination missions on certain characters from certain groups. You can also deny the hit contract.

Poker: Meet in the abandoned hardawre store in broker and gambal in high stakes game of Texas Hold 'em.

Alderney Car Jacks: Ray Bonnano will give you car jacking jobs around Alderney.

Bodyguard: Tommy Alamo will give you bodyguard jobs at Honkers.

Drug Deals: Frankie Gallo will pay you to attend drug deals for him.


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Radio arriving soon.
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(In addition to IV weapons)


Weapon Name Weapon Description
Mith and Swesson


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Parody of a handgun made by Smith and Wesson. Easily concealable and is the gun of choice for the Pegorino Family.
Mith and Swesson Silenced


user posted image

Silenced parody of a handgun made by Smith and Wesson. Easily concealable and is the gun of choice for the Pegorino Family.
U.S Army s1911


user posted image

Handgun used by the U.S army since 1911. It is popular among the North Holland Hustlers and other black gangs.
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I had just been on my way home from my sister's wedding, and wanted to get something to eat. I entered Pizza This in Westdyke, Alderney. It generated a smell of freshly baked dough and spaghetti sauce, that you knew was homemade when you smelt it. There was a man who wore a beige suit sitting in the corner with his hands full of all kinds of Italian foods. He was balding, and you could tell this had not been his first time here. I was walking past him when he quietly barked "hey!". I turned around to see he was smiling and he seemed to be in a good mood. I approached him, making sure to check my posture as a strutted towards the chair in which he was sitting.


Luca Gavino: Yes?

Phill Bell: Why are you dressed up so nicely? I don't recognize your face..

Luca Gavino: Why do you want to know?

Phill Bell: Do you work?

Luca Gavino: Work what; a job? I don't have a job..

Phill Bell: I can get you a job, a decent paying one too. You could make a grand in the next 15 minutes.


Inside my mind I was utterly shocked. Not only had I been offered a job, but $1,000? I had no luck getting a job because of my prior criminal record, which listed all sorts of bad deeds that eventually landed me 10 years in the can. I looked back at his somewhat paleface with a slight grin on my face.


Luca Gavino: Can I eat first?

Phill Bell: Sit down - Sit down. I gotta explain to you exactly what it is that I do.


I sit down thinking he is some sort of loan shark, or maybe a part-time bounty hunter, but what he is about to tell me will change my life forever.


Phill Bell (Whisper): Have you ever heard of Cosa Nostra?

Luca Gavino: Cosa Nostra? I am Italian, how have I not?

Phill Bell: I am the Consigleire to the Pegorino Family. I know how to get you in, if your interested in the job.

Luca Gavino: How much does it pay?


I thought whatever title I got with my job was irrelevant towards my outlook on my life. As long as it payed well, I would do it.


Phill Bell: It depends on how much you bring in. In one week, how much you bring in is devised upon your Caporegime, and yourself. You get to keep 25% of the cash, your Caporegime gets 75% but gives 50% to the skipper.

Luca Gavino: Who is the skipper?

Phill Bell: The head of the family - Jimmy Pegorino.

Luca Gavino: How much is 25 percent?

Phill Bell: Usually that would be about 10 G's.

Luca Gavino: 10 f*ckin' G's? What do I gotta do?

Phill Bell: Anything your superiors say, and your responsible for keeping up your own rackets and moving other guys into the family.

Luca Gavino: I'll do it.

Phill Bell: I like your attitude, your going to be running with me for the next week or so. Then I will try to introduce you into the family.

Luca Gavino: Sounds Fair.

Phill Bell: I have a job for you now, get up.


We get up out of the wooden chairs and step out of the door. Across the street I can see a Black Intruder illegally parked in front of a fire hydrant. We walk towards the car and step in.


Next Mission

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Bell and I both entered the car - it smelt like booze and cigars, which was rather interesting because judging by Phill's appearance you would have never guessed he had the luxury to trash such a nice car like this. We started driving, and I made sure to stay quite.


Phill Bell: For this next job your going to need a piece.

Luca Gavino: Well I don't have one.

Phill Bell: Alright, I've got connections. I'll get you one.


We pull into a burger shot parking lot, and phill hands me a dirty piece of notebook paper with a phone number on it.


Phill Bell: Call this number, and ask for 'Snowballs'.


I walk up to the phone booth outside the burger shot and start typing in the number. The phone rings a few times and then I hear a voice.


Frankie Gallo: What do you want?

Luca Gavino: Is this 'Snowballs'?

Frankie Gallo: What can he assist you with?

Luca Gavino: I need a piece.

Frankie Gallo: What kind?

Luca Gavino: Something compact.

Frankie Gallo: I'll have it ready in 5 minutes, where are you?

Luca Gavino: Westdyke/Leftwood burger shot, north of the Portugal building.

Frankie Gallo: Sit tight, I'll be there.


We wait for 20 minutes, and then a black emperor pulls into the parking lot. Frankie Gallo hops out with a brown bag.


Frankie Gallo: .38 Snub Nose, compact and powerful as sh*t.


I take the gun and enter the passenger seat of bell's car.


Phill Bell: Thank's Frankie!

Frankie Gallo: Anytime Phill.


We pull away, and start up on the main road once more. We cross the bridge into Algonquin and travel into very questionable neighborhoods in terms of security. We pull in front of a club, in big white letters sits a sign titled 'The Linen Lounge'. Phill hands me a picture of a black gangster looking man.


Phill Bell: This is the guy. Do the job, then report back to me. I'll be waiting out front.


I step out of the car and pace myself into the club. I further examine the crowd for the man in the picture until I spot him. Six feet tall and muscular, he could probably kill me. Although I try to remain my composure and walk up to him.


Luca Gavino: Damian Johnson?

Damian Johnson: The f*ck you want white boy?

Luca Gavino: Jimmy Pegorino sends his regards.


For a slight moment I can see the fear in his eyes, but that does not matter now. It's kill or be killed - so I pull the .38 out of my waistline and send a bullet through his chest. He falls over and the crowd screams, it's chaos. I run out of the back door to find Phill's car waiting to pick me up. I slide over the hood and jump into the passenger seat.


Luca Gavino: Drive damn it!


We speed of into the distance leaving only the bullet in Damian's chest as a reminder we had killed someone. We go back into Westdyke, a drive into a large compound. There are men guarding the front gate, and you can tell they have weapons concealed on their body. We pull into the driveway next to a black schafter,and step out of the car.


Phill Bell: So how did it go in there?

Luca Gavino: Piece of cake, he wont be giving you any more problems.

Phill Bell: Good. I have someone I would like you to meet.


We step onto the porch, and phill rings the doorbell.


Items Acquired: .38 Snub Nose


Next Mission

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Look's good. icon14.gif


Can't wait 'til he move's out of that sh*tty apartment and find's himself a loft some where in Algonquin. A nice view of the city, maybe? tounge.gif

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