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What do you miss in gaming?


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Sure their are some out there but I miss Rareware cryani.gif


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Also games being very hard.

I mentioned this company just recently in the Arcade/Retro topic, about how great a company they were at one point, and wished they had continued to bring us these fantastic games, rather than concentrating on the Kinect and only bringing out titles for that. rare created some of the most iconic characters of all time, and still reign as one of the best companies ever for me.


And about your second point, it's been mentioned previously but I agree, and was thinking about it earlier when I was playing a quick game of Zelda. Maybe it was just due to my age, but I remember some of the temples in OOT taking ages to get through, simply because some of the puzzles had me completely stuck, and how many of the side-challenges weren't just a simple A-B...Biggoron Sword, anyone? It all boils down to one simple thing though, and that's the fact that companies have given up on originality and creativity, and only care about their bank balance.


This is why Indie games are beginning to get ever more popular.

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Getting the entire game when you buy it the first time.



As an example; I'm fairly obsessed with playing Forza 4. Apart from the fact they have a new dlc EVERY month, additional cars cost, VIP members get all of it, and the whole f*ckery of this system. /rant


I think Xcom summed up my thoughts. It's kinda saddening how everything is moving onwards and upwards, without a blink back to how it used to be. How you use to spend you days getting every coin on Mario, or getting every hidden package on GTA3.

Both of these games, years apart, but still had what it needed to just keep you from putting the controller down.

But alot of this I think comes from us growing up and sh*t.


eh.. Nostalgia sad.gif


I also miss cheats. Of course back then, we weren't all online all the time, and games were mainly offfline. I know they found partial code in GTA3 to select a multiplayer menu, but who didn't have the most fun in gaming without cheats?

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What i miss is quality and how developers cared more for fans.


Spyro for instance is one of those. Spyro 1-3 was built around fan comments and insomniac loved to deliver. Now spyro is owned by Activision the rudest company to fans, and they killed him.

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friendly luggage

What do I miss in games? Well I miss buying a game that is complete and will not have 10 DLC packs in the first week of its launch. I miss having NO online passes so I could take games round to friends and show them the MP. I miss the good MW2 days of 2009-2010 playing with friends online.

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No online play whatsoever, to be honest i don't give a flying f*ck about multiplayer in ANY game, also greedy publishers took advantage of consoles being almost always connected to internet now by making half-assed games with tons of stupid overpriced DLC

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I miss the Arcades.



These were pretty much the best places in the world to me between the ages of 5 and 14 and I'd still seek them out off and on for many years following. Sadly, consoles have pretty much killed the industry as we knew it.

Yeah!!! and consoles don't offer the same service of having a dude in a Led Zeppelin concert shirt to buy your first bag of weed from.





I miss the smell of the old cartridges. There was just something unique in the smell of those plastic clunkers you jammed into a console.

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