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[SnP] No. 1

Dr. John

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Hey guys, I having a bit of trouble with the mission No. 1. The street is too wet and I do too many wheel spins. I tried many things but it isn't working. This never happened with me before. Here:




Note: If you get a phone call from Roman or someone, pick it. It would be mostly Friend's Phone call. If it happens then take them to their desired location (for what they phoned) and go to their favorite Food stall.


Little Jacob: Cluckin' Bell

Roman: Burger Shot.


DON'T MISS THE DATE. If you don't want to do it then take the harder way, re-launch the save and take Taxi fares.


Thank You. smile.gif




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I'll do it.


For: Dr. John13

Missions: No. 1

Helper: miromiro

Link: <Click Here>

Reward: 6.750$

Status: Completed.


Won the race in 1:59.

Received a thumbs up from Brucie. icon14.gif

Didn't receive any phone calls.

Saved at South Bohan.


Enjoy the rest of the game! smile.gif

Edited by miromiro

Dead (Retired)

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You're welcome, glad to help. icon14.gif

Dead (Retired)

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