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stop car model from spawning when I drive in it


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I wanted to know if there was a way to stop the peds from using the same model car I drive in, because everytime I drive a car suddenly almost everyone also drives that car mercie_blink.gif .

I find this a bit annoying and unrealistic. Especially when I'm driving in a Veyron XD


Thanks in advance,



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If your on PC (in a veyron you must be) you can modify the game files to mix up the car spawns to be more realistic. Check the modding section on how to do it. But even with mods it's hard to get a truly realistic experience with car spawns.


It's done on purpose, there's so many cars in the game and so much other content that it would use up resources to spawn a unique car for every ped. By using the same car model it speeds up loading and the game runs smoother, without it there would be a drop in framerates, or there would be less content in the game to compensate for the increased memory required to load the cars. It's not just in GTA, the same thing happens in Saints Row and other games. Current-gen just doesn't have the capabilities to have realistic car spawns without a drop in performance.

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Thanks for the tip going to check right away,


Maybe in the near future (because pc's and game engines get smarter and increasingly more powerfull) it will be possible, it would be nice and very realistic if it did. smile.gif






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It's easy to get what you want. Open the vehicles.ide from common/data/ folder with the editor and take a look at the parameters:



admiral,   admiral,  car,  ADMIRAL, ADMIRAL, VEH@STD, VEH@STD_LO4_LO4, 100, 999,  0.2229, 0.2229,  0, 2, 1.0 ,0, -

The two yellow marked values (spawning frequency) are important for you. You can see the standard values here. If you change them both to 1 the car, in this case the admiral or the mod you're using, will only spawn one

time in the scene on screen. That means that if you actually drive this car it won't spawn again cause the spawn frequency limit is already reached. That's all! Pretty simple, huh? biggrin.gif


It should look like that when you're ready:



admiral,   admiral,  car,  ADMIRAL, ADMIRAL, VEH@STD, VEH@STD_LO4_LO4, 1, 1,  0.2229, 0.2229,  0, 2, 1.0 ,0, -

This method works for every car or mod car.

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In the cargrp.dat file edit this line:

ripley, airtug, bus, mrtasty, perennial2, feroci2, forklift # POPCYCLE_GROUP_ONLY_IN_NATIVE_ZONE		(These cars will only appear in the zones that they belong in)

Put in the car YOU want to own only and all done.

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