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Hello guys

I have a question about prelighting a object. I sucessfully applied prelighting on an object and it appears in game, but my object in the first place is too bright, so when i apply the prelighting, it basically glows. So the question is, how to lower the brightness of the object in the first place? How to make it darker?

I tried with every possible solution, in vertex mode i tried to change the color of the vertex to totally black, tried to change the texture ambient and difuse to total black, vertex paint to total black and nothing helps, i can't get the object ingame to total black.


Image: http://www.dodaj.rs/f/S/bW/3PZlNFOh/picture.png


On the left it is the basic object, without anything, just 3d model with applied textures, exported as dff with all normal settings. To the right it is the same object but with applied prelighting. So, how can i turn the left object a lot darker so when i apply the prelighting the object won't get as bright as the right one?


Thank you

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