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Big races going down on gta4, gta bogt, gta lad

Casket Costello

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Casket Costello

Frist of all i will be orgainzering the events it will be clean races no dirty, hits no dirty shooting, none of that just clean .


I havent fully decided yet were and when. Add me on here and you will be the frist to know .



1) Races from 7 racers to 20 it depends really

2) No shooting

3) No dirty hits that means no raming each other off the road of purpose .

4) No swearing , or fighting .

5) No clan grudges .


Cars .....


Any as long as its street pro that kind of stuff.


locations ....

Unkown as of yet be the events will probly be this saturday duno yet.


I am co leader your probly thinking why am i hosting a street rance lobby and that is for two reasons . 1) I AM A EX MEMBER OF .

2) is looking for good drivers .

So messge me on here if intresed thanks for reading

PS: Any winners or good skilled drivers will be offred to join rampage_ani.gif


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Event Guidelines



We do not mind if an external gang or player seeks for participation from here, the more players/events, the merrier. But do not just post a link to your website/forums, asking people to sign up over there. No advertising - its against the GTAForums Rules and Policies. Avoid posting external links and make proper use of your topic. You can post anything pertaining to your event within your topic - rules, schedules, results and what-not.


No advertising your gang. No operating externally. You may want to avoid the painfully and inconsiderately large text as well.

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