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[SnP] Dam & Blast/Freefall [v1]


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Somebody please help me. sad.gif


I have poor performance when it comes to missions that include flying planes/ helicopters. Please help me with the missions from the robbery and mafia.


Dam and Blast & Freefall


Thanks! smile.gif

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lil weasel

I'll look into them.

Please observe the correct title scheme.


For: JarrettY

Missions: Dam & Blast / Freefall

Link: http://gtasnp.com/30393

Notes: 15,000$ added to account.

Respect increased.

Got body armour from under the Come-A-Lot sign.

Replaced body armour at the Airport Runway and again in the Hanger.

Dam & Blast replaced the Katana with a Knife.

Freefall replaced the Silenced-Pistol with the 9mm Pistol.

It's easier to lose Wanted Stars if you can change a shirt in a safe house.

Buying Safe Houses also increases the percentage of game completion.


Don't forget you MUST complete the missions at the Verdant Meadows Aerodrome.



Finding all the Horseshoes will give you a weapons cache at the Four Dragons Casino (100,000$ Prize money, and The Combat Shotgun, M4 Assault Rifle, Demo Charges, and SMG.)


Carry On! icon14.gif



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lil weasel

You're Welcome.

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