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GTAF Gangs on R* Social Club

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Wassap Andy. LFM never got added to the list it seems.



Crew NameCrew TagCrew MottoCrew LeaderCrew MembersCrew TypeCrew CreatedCrew SystemCrew Info


LFM Bad CompanyTLFMWelcome to the Familyfireguy10911Chatter BoxesOct 1, 2013PS3, 360Official Crew for the Leone Family Mafia[/table]


Also, you might wanna correct the OP. [tableb] doesn't seem to work, it's just [table].

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I'm hoping it gets restored or converted somehow, otherwise, i'll redo it all from scratch. ^

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Lone W0LF MC
'Surrounded by Mayhem, you will find peace in the pack. LW MC
Thrill Seekers
Playstation 3
We are a motorcycle club that operate out of the Blaine County area. I have found the there are not enough crews representing the M/C life on PSN, so I am very inspired to create a tactical and effective force. The only requirement is owning at least one of the three legitimate motorcycles in the game. Bagger, Daemon and/or the Hexer.



Also, I apologize for not using the table format. All of this information is still in the correct order, it just wasn't working for me. It was all jumbled together, so I thought this would be easier to read.


- Omni

Edited by Omni_s-c_i-e_n-t

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We are The Paleto Bay Street Squad aka Team LYPH (Lending Your People Help). as an orginization we will be hosting tons of races,deathmatches and many of the other jobs. We are also into the music business so there will be many of video shoots and short films recorded. If you have streaming and/or recording capabiltiies and/or graphic designs you will definately be a big part of the orginization. If you are intersted leave your PSN here and please visit us at http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/team_lyph/gtav


Also visit our youtube channel @ http://youtube.com/gtalyph & http://youtube.com/dirtythirtysix

Thank you for your interest and please subscribe.

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