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problem installing new trees


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hi , i have installed new trees and i have a strange bug . regarding on how i watch the objects the leaves/trunk disappear . that doesn't happen with standard trees . somebody knows what is it caused by . is it related to 3D model , or can it be fixed


video (not talking of the base only the leaves)

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If the trees textures have very high resolutions it can cause texture loading problems. But there is no fix available afaik. I heard people saying this is related to the bad coding of the game.

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that's the opposite Naid the new trees are lighters than the old ones confused.gif

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nobody could help . i have nice trees but according to the angle i watch at them they disappear , freaky annoying . and also the tree leaves don't move somebody knows if this can be fixed . is that cause the trees haven't shaders ??? . i have another set of palm trees it's the opposite leaves are moving like if Katrina hurricane was arriving . if you know a nice unbugged set of palm trees please drop me a PM , thanks

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