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Samegame Location v.1.01


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I updated to 1.01 and I'm stuck on a mission. I want to upload my savegame for a mission help, but I can't find its location.

The savegame in My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files is the one for 1.00 and it doesn't even show up in my list of savegames while playing.

Can someone please tell me where the 1.01 savegames are located?


I'm using Windows 7 if that's of any use

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If your game runs in W98 compatibility mode, it's on Public/Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files. But sometimes there is a bug with the OS, that makes the game save the savegames and settings in the root data folder. Try searching for it on both places.


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I'm running it in compatibility mode for WIN XP SP2. Did several searches, but no other location comes up. confused.gif

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lil weasel

Just to be sure unhide your files.

You are searching for "*.b" (without the quotes)?



From other topics:


The User Files maybe located at a different location. Check all the following locations:

1. C:\Users\your username\Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files

2. C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files

3. C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\data\

If a Windows User account name has a period (.) in it, then it becomes impossible for you to save the game you have to create a new user account without a period.


This is an Olde Game, many questions can be answered with the FORUM TOOL: SEARCH. Always SEARCH before making a ‘new’ topic.


Note: Version 1 games haven't been sold at retail for years. Downgrading a V2 to V1 is still a V2 game. The Official Patch V1.01 isn't needed for the V2 game, as it has already been applied.

If you have Warez/Torrent/Pirated game there is no telling how it was modified and your on your own with it.

You may need to Uninstall and reinstall the game.

You may need to start over, not using your previous saves.

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I found it under GTA San Andreas\data in the folder where I installed the game. Found it by searching for ".b".

Thanks for your help.



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