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GTA Mad Max Road Warrior - Vice City 2012


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i have seen lots of different objects and cars for people to put into GTA VC but i never seen any maps or total conversions


i think it would be cool to create a map with different places from the movie Mad Max The Road Warrior like the opening scene with the truck, where max meets the gyro captain, the compound and hill look out and also the final chases road.


i tried to create bits of the map but i had no idea what i was doing and it went south fast


i have created some cool splash screens and menu

also some of the cars.


i know Vice City is old and out dated but i think it would be great to drive around int the V8 interceptor having mobs of bikers and hooligans chasing after you.


so if any one would like to help me out and create some objects, cars or the map/maps form the movie

also if people are interested i will upload my mods

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The problem is that you need proof/pictures (not that i doubt you).


As you can see in the top, the huge yellow text:


The Mod Showroom is only for posting previews/downloads of completed or near finished mods.

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This is a Mod for vice city that has almost died but my self and one of the original creator and designers from www.gtaforums.com mad max mod team T-808.


we want to get a team of Mad Max The Road Warrior fans and 3D studio max 5 modelers to get this awesome mod going again.


we will post photos of existing and partial finished models in game and in the studio.


please spread the word and join this group and get this mod going again


facebook group link here



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