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Before you read this. I know that I'll get locked by a mod and possibly worse. But I don't know where else to post this where everyone will see it...


But the issue I want to speak about is polls...


It seems like since the first poll, a domino effect has started where people have set up polls for reasons ranging from idiotic to reasonably plausible...


But either way, they are unneeded... As was mine to an extent. I'm willing to admit that.


My point is, it's causing to much spam! The mods have enough on their plate with UTM, and enforcing the rules of the gangs topics...


All I'm saying is... Someday, I hope (meaningful) polls will be welcome some day, but if people keep spamming polls like this then polls will probably be barred from the gangs topic.


... Awaiting lock. I just wanted a way I could spread this appeal.

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I agree with you, but moderators seem to see polls as a topic full of spam. People don't need to reply to polls, but they're oblivious to the fact that it will get locked if a discussion - for example the UTM problem in yours, does not benefit the poll or other's opinions on the poll. Edited by Alazone
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Doc Rikowski

Polls are not banned from the section.

Each gang can request a poll on its own topic.

General chit chat polls are not welcome cause this is not a general chat section.

We have one. Use that.

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