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My great glitch - SOLVED!


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It's been awhile, since my post of this. Some of you might remember my first post, where I told about this problem, and nobody helped me since my GTA III was a torrent one. Click here to see it.


Now, after reinstalling the WinXP, I got the legal version of the game, and it had the same glitch! I was like crazy, but I decied to play around with the settings. My problem was sitting right there - the draw distance was somehow set to complete minimum!


Well, check that clitch out!

Menu felt pretty OK only all the sounds were missing


Hey Claude, how are you going to rob a textureless bank?


Caravan of hovering cars...


WTF is this?!

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Running GTA3 (and even Vice City) from the main C: drive used to cause those loading errors back in the early days. Chuck GTA on a second hard drive and the game should load everything perfectly since Windows doesn't constantly write to the D: drive.

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ii have a lot of problems with drivers and my games doesnt work why

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Can you send me on a Email your gta3.exe version 1.1? I want it for the Multyplayer version! My Email is [email protected]

Please do not ask for original game files.

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