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Andromada plane


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Hey. I wanna know about Andromada plane. I think the Rockstar has misspelled the name. That plane is supposedly named Andromeda. But the letter A instead of E at between M and D of the word 'Andromeda'.


I don't see Andromada everywhere in San Andreas airport. What should I do now? sad.gif

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Rockstar never makes mistakes.


About your second question: Andromada isn't supposed for player to travel, so Rockstar made it unaccessable during the game, though, some enthusiasts made a way to aqcuire it while completing one of the game missions. I don't remember it.

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lil weasel

This is an Olde Game, many questions can be answered with the FORUM TOOL: SEARCH. Always SEARCH before making a ‘new’ topic.


If you're interested in Getting the ANDROMADA

An Andromada can fit in the VMH

Hijack andromada, possible?

How to get the andromada [no cheats] Locked.

http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=430378&hl=] ANDROMADA[/url] Locked.

Andromada, No cheat device access Locked.

Andromada, where… Locked.

*Guide* for getting the Andromada via garage spawn. Locked.

ANDROMADA What is it? Locked

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