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GTA:Los Santos Chronicles


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''Bryan Tyler,a man who moved to Vinewood,Los Santos.he have been living in Los Santos for about only 4 months.one day,a tax collector come to his place asking him for the payment for the place he stayed but,he cant pay because he doesn't have any job to earn money.so now he don't have place to stay,no money,and no job.his trying to ask for help from his friend Jerry Mcreary.luckily,Jerry have a place for Bryan to stay and give Bryan a job.now,Bryan want to change his live''



''Money means Everything'' - Bryan Tyler





Bryan Tyler

Moved to Los Santos from Vice City for about 4 months but,

it was a quite hard day for Bryan to live in Los Santos because he is always been chase by debts


Jerry Mcreary

Work in a Recycling Garage as a mechanic,he was a friend of Bryan.

he gives a place for Bryan to stay and a job but,he got many problems and always ask Bryan to finish it






A criminal organizations who almost take over control the whole Los Santos



Another criminal organization who wanted Jerry to die because of a problem in the past





Chapter 1 - A day in Los Santos


Get Close






Coming Soon



Videos & Screens



If you got any cool screens or videos while playing,please post it here !


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Hey, can you please make a space after every sign you make, like comma or dot. It would be more easier to read.
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