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We talkin' or we racin' ?



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New race league in the underground street racing world of LC

Itroducing some of the best racers from all over. Liberty City, Vice City, Stilwater, San Andreas, London, Russia, Tokyo. Australia.....

We are all brought here in the city to race.

Fuck what you rep, claim, you are here to represent yourself....

There are a series of races, to push you to the extreme

No bitching, some of the racers you will be put against will be dirty some clean...

Are you up for the challenge ?



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Nickname Countries Classes Gamertag
Tango USA All Chrisl1224
Black USA All BIack Assassin
Mist USA All Rasta K Shottaz



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Race Name Date Winner(s) Class
Duck and Weave N/A 0 Exotic
Drag Kings N/A 0 Bikes
Road to Bohan N/A 0 Two Doors



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Place Name Points
1. Tango 0
2. Mist 0
3. Black 0



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Settings vary, expect everything. Long races shorts races, rain no rain, everything.....




*-Replace with your answer.








Graphics-MonstaMasha, Murk

Idea-Murk, Black Assassin, Tarmac, Heavy Mist

Info-Murk, Mist

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