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Student Suspend From High School


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Schools are pussies these days. Suspended for wearing a Jesus shirt. LOL. I told my teacher to eat a dick and flipped him off and all I got was "you can leave my classroom" and got some lecture and a note or some shlt. I didn't even get suspended. Back when I was a kid...

You mean like yesterday?

It's as almost if he let us know he told his teacher to eat a dick to glorify himself, especially in a topic pertaining to a school suspension case.

Anyways, why is this kid making a big fuss about this? Saying "Life is wasted without Jesus" is totally attacking other peoples beliefs. Keep that sh*t to yourself and stop glamorizing it, especially at school.


What's even worse it that he insists to keep wearing it. Seriously, focus on your education.


f*cking teen rebels. never knew they reached that far north.

I was just telling it like it is and pointing out the differences between today's strict schools and old schools.

Lol it's cool.


It all depends on your school though. Each school doesn't run the same system.

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