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Character Vehicles


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Basically I've been trying to collect the origional Vehicles used by the characters in the story line due to their unique number plates, but I'm missing a few, does anyone know where to find these?


Vehicles I Have:

Sweet's Greenwood

Big Smoke's Perrinial

Big Smoke's Glenadale

Ryders's Pick-up Truck (Can't remember name)

Toreno's Washington

Cesar's Savana

Truth's Camper

Jizzy's Pimp Car (Also Forgetten Name)


Car's I Still Need:

Wozi Mu's Fortune

Catalina's Buffalo


Does anyone know where to find these?

Or if I've missed any out?

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AFAIK Woozie's Fortune and Catalina's Buffalo have no Unique Plates


But if you want a same color of Woozie's fortune, you can always get a stock fortune then respray it to pink.


Catalina's Buffalo is in the save point in Fern Ridge, but i think it has no unique plate.


Ryder's truck is a Picador.

Jizzy's HO 2 HO Lowrider is a Broadway

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lil weasel

Catalina's Buffalo is parked next to her shack.

CJ wins Wu Zi's ZR-350 in the 'Wu Zi Mu" and actually gets it in "Farewell my Love".


e: besides I though all the vehicles lose the 'special' plates when you store them.

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Damn... confused.gif


Alright, thanks anyway biggrin.gif

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Yeah it's like getting a normal Sabre and respraying it in 'Grove Green' - The Green Sabre

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