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Cant set and see marker after..



Hi, I finished the mission:

Reuniting the families

Then I start Provoking a gang wars, then one day Ballas attacked my hood

I ignore it and instead, I save the game, after that I cant see Mission markers

and set marker. I DON'T USE CHEATS AND MODS.



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4 answers to this question

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lil weasel

If you start a previous saved game do you have that problem?

Did you check the Options Map to see if the display is turned off? (hold the space bar)

Which version did you buy?

Are you playing with an Original DVD in the drive?

Next time instead of 'saving' use a sub-mission vehicle to start and then stop the sub-mission. That works much quicker.



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I forgot to say that I'm using








EDIT: I found out the when the save game is being corrupt.

Everytime I save for the 47th Time the markers will now work.

Edited by Vowa

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lil weasel

This forum is for unmodded games.


If the game worked before, and have changed OS or Screen settings, If your system upgraded anything (drivers, etc) then the first step is to Delete the GTA_SA.set File. (The GTA_SA.set file is recreated at the end of each game play session. It contains OS data that may no longer be relevant.)


Are you playing the game in Vista/Win7 using

W98 (or XP) compatibility mode,

with Administrative Privileges?


And... before people here begin investing a lot of time trying to fix a possible NO-FIX situation:

What Version (retail, steam, other online store) Edition 1, 2, 3?)

Details of How you are playing:

1. With the Original DVD in the Drive?

2. OR are you Using a No-CD crack? (There is No fix to be found on this Forum.)

3. OR are you Using a 'backup' disc? (Fix is to use the Original DVD.)

4. OR do you have a Downloaded game from Direct2Drive, or SteamPowered.com

5. If none of the above, then what is the origin of your game? (Please be specific, as otherwise there may not be a fix to found on this Forum.)


There is only One patch for the game V1.01 for the First Edition Game Only.

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Go to the map hold spacebar and see if the mission marker is on . :miranda:

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