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nP Clan - 2012 - Recruiting.

Sgt. Foley

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Sgt. Foley

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Starting May 10th, 2012, the nP clan will be recruiting. To join we need some basic info. So read down below and fill out the form in either a PM or just a reply on here. Our clan plays FPS's, Like Call of Duty or Battlefield. We also play GTA on occasions. The thing is, we need more games to pick, like DiRT 3 maybe? I just got that game and it's good.



Gamertag (PS3, XBOX):

Hours you Play:

What can you do to help us?:

Have you been in any other clans?:

Headset (Please Specify):




Age: 14

Gamertag (PS3, XBOX): nP Triickz

Hours you Play: 4-6

What can you do to help us?: I can help the clan by adding more videos on our YouTube Channel (Which is needed) [removed]

Have you been in any other clans?: No

Headset (Please Specify): Yes: Turtle Beach Earforce x12's


Gamertag Info: You can change it to anything like this: x 141 x Example, HaZe Example, or nP Example.

You may change it if you like, but you do not HAVE TO CHANGE IT.


Games the Clan Plays:

Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty 4



Black Ops

Red Dead Redemption

Max Payne 3 ~ Coming Soon

Black Ops II ~ Coming soon

GTA V ~ Coming Soon

Halo 4 ~ Coming Soon

Leave suggestions on what we should play!


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You Win.


I'm done.

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Doc Rikowski


We stress only on one thing for gangs that use this forum - you must operate from GTAForums. You may not simply leave an advertisement or a recruitment topic, directing people to your gang's forums, website, or any external means of communication. Harsh? Maybe. We want gangs to grow on these boards, and mingle with other gangs and the community. We do not want to encourage isolated gangs that operate externally.


Please read Forum Guidelines.

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