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are you looking for an epic clan


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Hey there grand theft auto gamers. I have signed up on the forums today to introduce my clan seal team 6.


About the clan:

Our clan specifies on grand theft auto 4 currently untill grand theft auto five releases. We play patrol roleplay. If someone speeds they get a ticket. We do duis and we go wayyyy more in depth. I would like not to explain to u anymore until you join.


Our clan rules:

1). You can't run all the time

2). Tickets must be taken to courthouse

3). You need to buy your cars

4). You have to buy a house

5). You will get a badge number and liscense plate

6). I will run your tag on my laptop.l


If you would like to join fill out the form:




gt :

Time on Xbox: 1-10

time going to spend with clan: 1-10


I will register u in the clan. I hope to get more members colgate.gif


Message me on here or on Xbox



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Sorry, no externally hosted/advertised clans. If you want to start an MP gang here, make a topic in the gangs section.

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