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Im back UTM

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Im back UTM






For the first link can you take out the black letter saying SNM and change it to UTM in a red color . . .also make the background black or red which ever looks better








for this one take out the tech Power on the top and put in UpTown Mafia Family is you can fit it or just put UTM if it doesnt fit.



One the bottom take out courage in overlock and put Air on one side and groundsmen on the other all in a red font...



Make them in a good medium size. . .

Thx in advance!!!!

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DB Chaoticz

Congratulations, when you get banned you'll look even dumber than when you made an account. You Uptown Children of PCP and Marijuana are just a disgrace to any gang out there, you fail harder than Cheyenne. I bet your mother is looking up at you right now. biggrin.gif

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