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gta sa lagging


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hi guys i have the following mods installed on my gta sa

project oblivion 2010 hq

real plams 2.0

vegitation pack v3

great effects 1.6

srt3 1.7

ienhencer 2.0

and near about 50 hd cars

and my pc spec is

core i3 2100

geforce 2100

ram 4gb

windows 7 ultimate


and my problem is that my game was running perefectly before installing the project oblivion mod it gives me about 35-40 fps but after installing the project oblivion my game is lagging and sometimes the fps goes down to 10-15.

did anyone has some idea how to fix it i love all that mods and that mods makes my gta sa look like gta 4 graphics.


please please please please please please please help me.

thank you sad.gifsad.gifsad.gifsad.gif

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You've already been told that modding questions are to be posted in the modding forums. Not hard to understand, is it?

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