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Putting the tug in the ferry terminal


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So I got the bright idea of backing the tug into the northmost stall at the ferry terminal (the opening is tallest and the tug fit snugly in there) and I was fascinated by the fact that everything runs fine until the tug begins to cross the threshold of the stall, but as soon as any of the boat crosses that line, framerate drops to slideshow-like. It's like RAGE going, NO DON'T DO THAT. I felt I'd discovered a clue why actual ferries were cut from the game. Xbox 360 TBOGT DLC BTW.

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Oddly enough quite a while back I was driving a tug boat around underneath the Algonquin Bridge trying to parody a scene from Peter Benchley's The Beast which led to me getting the tug boat onto the small beach by the gutted building where Corner Kids takes place in TBOGT. Anyway everything was running fine until the tug boat ran aground on the beach, and suddenly everything began to lag horribly. I tried to drive away from the area so the boat would disappear but driving became impossible to do. I had to fire rocket after grenade after explosive shotgun rounds after hitting the boat with various cars just to push it back into the water, and so after successfully getting the now destroyed tug boat back into the water the lag finally ended and the game returned to normal.


That scared the hell out of me because I thought it was a problem with my PS3, not with the game itself. confused.gif

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had this happen to me as well. for some reason playing wit the tug in certain situations leads to extreme lag.


i love the tug tho, its such a great multiplayer vehicle.


even better when veteran players know to keep walkin & aiming to stay on the deck while i drive (if not players usually fall off)

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