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GTA IV Transparent textures


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Hey all,


I've searched a lot of times on this forum and on the internet and i haven't find a solution.


My GTA IV start normally except that i can't modify my graphics specs (resolution, texture quality, etc....), and when i start the first mission, some textures are transparents, here is a pic:


user posted image



I have an Alienware m14x,

I7-2670 2.2 Ghz

Nvidia GT555M 3GB

6gb ram



Can anyone help me ? sad.gif


Thanks in advance !

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Thank you for your reply !


I received my computer 2 weeks ago so i think my drivers are updated, but i'll check that out wink.gif

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I've tested the commandline (-norestrictions


-noprecache) the no restrictions works but it's always transparent and "58mb" is displayed....


So, why it don't works ?

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Reread the guide above. Mare sure you you haven't named the file commandline.txt.txt. Instead of nomemrestrict you can try using avaiablevidmem with a factor of 10.

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