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Barzini Crime Family(real)

D0N Barzini

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D0N Barzini

The Barzini Crime Family


Don Barzini:

I am known by Toxic Barzini. I am a pretty cool person don’t ask for much out of my family, all I ask is that people respect me, my members, and all my alliance’s.


Don Barzini to other Family, Gang’s, and Millitary’s:

All I am going to say is that you don’t mess with me and my Family you have no problem with me or my members. Want to be alliance with us feel free to message me on xboxlive and I will do my best to message you as soon as possible.


History of The Barzini Crime Family:

We have had 2 previous Dons’ to The Barzini Crime Family but all have failed due being week and afraid, but this will not happen while the new Don is in charge. We are not afraid of any Family. Just know that if you pick a fight with my Family you pick a fight with our alliances also.




GTAForums Username (optional, you can PM it to us) XBOXLive Gamertag (Optional, you can PM it to us) Designator Reason for hit (optional) Method (optional) Status


N/A N/A SWCC Showtime Toxicx Barzini Betrayal to our Commision Hit


Run KIA (Ran over multiple time and made sure he was a pulp!)


N/A N/A Scar cheatalie United Crime Family Fail Assignation on Violent Barzini Assault Rifle KIA (Sprayed down with his associates)

N/A N/A Scar magikz United Crime Family Fail Assignation Sub KIA (Sprayed down while trying to run around a corner)

N/A N/A Ex obey United Crime Family Disrespect to our Family Shotgun KIA (shotgun to the face)




Rank XBOXLive

Don Toxicx Barzini

Underboss Badass1084

Capo Rage Barzini


Foot Soldier PR x zZzeeZz

Foot Soldier Pla4er

Foot Soldier prXxELMATONPRxX



Our Territory:


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None of your members are registered here. It is our forum policy that all your gang members must be registered here for you to operate a gang on our forums. Please read the pinned forum guidelines for more info.


And oh, please don't make accounts for your gang members yourself. That'll just get you banned for owning duplicate accounts. Ask them to register accounts on their own.


Once you have all the requirements in place, you may feel free to start a new topic.

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