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Arejai's mission lists


Recommended Posts



user posted image






The Transporter

Dec 15 2011 - Completed


This is a series of The Transporter mission. It's not kind of story, but a list of missions that you can play. You'll play as Markson, a secret agent, being as a transporter, but ends up becoming a secret killer as he proved up his skills. Take a note that this is not a mission that based on the film.




The Story Of The Transporter

Dec 23 2011 - Completed


One day, at the morning, Markson got called from Glog that he got many hits and wanted by all organizations in Los Santos, except C.O. Glog tell him to leave his house as soon as possible. Although Markson didn't get what happened at all, he decide to obey the ordered and leave the place. But, before he can do anything, the enemies arrived and encountered the place.


Why they wanted to kill him? How he got so many hits suddenly? And who started it?


Follow and play this mission-pack to see what happen next and how can Markson do survive himself.




Bad Boys

Jan 13 2012 - Postponed


A mafia gang were planning to annihilate the president of San Andreas. They aim to rule San Andreas for their own good. The story begin when Bentley Clay, an elderly poor accidentally overheard the plan. He begged the mafia to not to be killed. As interchange, the mafia gave 3 weeks to him to provide them a 2 MILLION DOLLARS. His sons, Hugh and Cruz, found out the matter and secretly decided to save their father from being killed by the mafia. They'll do anything to get the money no matter what dangerous they need to face.




The Soldier's Eyes

Feb 3 2012 - Completed


A great war in San Andreas is starting again. But this time, it happened in San Fierro. A traitor of San Andreas came to rule the city. We'll follow the story of a high-rank soldier, Barry MacPherson who is going to stop the invasion with his fabulous teammate.




The Dangerous

Feb 27 2012 - Postponed or maybe dropped


Kane Kennedy, 23 years old man, is the son of the Carlos Kennedy, leader of the San Andreas Mafia who came from Liberty City to join his father. He was instructed to take his father's role as the leader. But, before he can become a part of the family, his father gave him a request; he must join the one of the street gang in Los Santos to familiarize himself. Without thinking, he joined up a small gang called The 3rd Bullets. It's where the story begin.





The Briefcase Of Secret

Mar 14 2012 - Dropped


Steve Hogan, a member of SMA Elite Squad, is ordered to send the secret briefcase to the recipient as soon as possible before it fell into the hands of the enemy. As Mr. Baird said, Steve must protect the briefcase at all costs no matter what happens.


It's not a normal briefcase.. it's a Briefcase of Secret.




Max Parker

Apr 4 2012 - Still In Progress


In this story, you'll step into a dead man's shoes.You will be part of a mad hermit's tale. A tale of hatred and vendetta, of lust for power and wealth... and of guilty.


Year 1998, Los Santos is ruled by the selfish government.. that only concerned with money and property. They killed people.. they stole the money that belonging to the citizens.. they doing a corruption with others. It provoked the anger of the people.


You will follow the story of a man named Max Parker, who's forced to fight against the law.


No radiant victory waits at the end.. only clarity about Max's fate.







Catastrophe - DYOM Contest #5

Mar 6 2012


Jordan and his best friend, Freddie must survive themselve from the destruction in San Andreas. They'll face many challenges during the escape.


Note: You're NORMAL if you failed at the first try.




Edited by Arejai
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Thanks for the support, Andrej.


Btw, updated with logos.

Edited by Arejai
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Good luck with your future projects Arejai, your an awesome designer

Thanks. lol.gif

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  • 1 month later...

Thanks, guys. Appreciated the supports.

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  • 2 months later...
General Scrotum

Second pin for your mission, you're very popular now. tounge.gif

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