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GTA San Andreas User Files Folder Missing.


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Hi guys i'm new to this forum, you can just call me raptor biggrin.gif


I accidentally deleted my GTA San Andreas User folder in the documents area of my computer. panic.gif


So I tried re-installing the game but nothing happened


So I re-installed it again quite a few times but nothing happened! facedesk.gif


I tried to save a game but the GTASAsf1.b ended up in the data folder of GTA San Andreas. mercie_blink.gif


Guys I need some help to solve this problem!


I finally bought the original one.


But there is still no folder turn.gif


I'm running Win Ultimate (x64 bit)


Please Reply. It would help A LOT! muppetmaster_karma.gif


Thanks and Raptor out!

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^That's happened to me on my other computer too. Can't find a fix for it though. confused.gif Have tried running it in Windows XP compatibility mode?
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Do mean that when you save a game and restart the 'saved' game isn't found?

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