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Add new Law Enforcement Type


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I rewrite this again to stay away from miscommunicate. Because i want this to be real.

This mod more like a coding i think than just /data folder edit and vehicle edit.

In here i want to make more police to chase us in several wanted level.

For ex: Wanted level 1 we chased by a police man on foot.

2 cop car based on its area , 3 more car and heli, 4 swat with enforcer, 5 fbi and its car, and 6 the army.

How if in this mod make like this :

1 star walk and cadet police car

2 copcar based on its area but 1area can have more than just 1 type.

3 more cars and heli with more powerfull police car like suv or sumthing.

4 swat with enforcer, suv police car, swatvan and hunter or new heli which : shoot us anuj_cop.gif

5 fbi rancher, suv police car heli and hunter

6 army with tank, barrack, patriot, fbi truck. Hydra (shoot us in air or land) muppetmaster_karma.gif

And their mind are better than just chasing and killing. Roadblocks, strategy, shoot vehicle weapon.

The vehicle also chase us together and all patrol in diff. Route.


Can anybody helpme doing this or make me something like this? mercie_blink.gif


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I'm absolutley sure this can be done using CLEO


Although I would script it for you, But I dont have access to my PC (Using the sisters -_-)


You could make a request in the Pinned requests topic


Good luck icon14.gif

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