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Ps3 gta demolition derby ! Need entrants


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My Psn tag is starting up a weekly demolition derby .


1. We need trust worthy players not ***ks

2. We demo at the rink/stadium/ring by the airport no weapons allowed

3. There will be one firetruck that u do not hit or catch on fire it's there to help put put the flames

4. No leaving ring/stadium/ring until one car winner

5. If no car run aroun dodge cars no stairs pls it's fun for drivers note no friendly fire so fun hits

6. Add me on Psn to get more info thanks


Note more likely play on tlad or regular Gta for melee weapons


Removed PSN ID. - gamesguru

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Event Guidelines


External Events

We do not mind if an external gang or player seeks for participation from here, the more players/events, the merrier. But do not just post a link to your website/forums, asking people to sign up over there. No advertising - its against the GTAForums Rules and Policies. Avoid posting external links and make proper use of your topic. You can post anything pertaining to your event within your topic - rules, schedules, results and what-not.


This also goes for referring members of this website to your PSN ID in order to apply and participate in events. All applications and any form of initial organisation should be tied to the topic itself and not through external means. This is an event that has minimal effort, and not enough to warrant its own topic. Look at other popular and successful topics to see what is generally expected. 6 bullet points is not sufficient.

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