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I've been watching the London Marathon and its gotten me wondering, have any of you ran a marathon before?


I ran a half marathon back in high school, 1hrs 57mins. Not a great time by any means but I'm a smoker and had quit for a month during my training for the marathon. All in all it was a pretty good experience and its something I'd like to do again.


EDIT: just realized I should've posted this in Sports. sorry, please move? smile.gif

Edited by Outcast

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Physical activity scares me so iv'e never entertained the idea, furthest iv'e done is 2 laps of a circuit came joint first! when i was in middle school i can run i just choose not to!

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Not a long distance runner (play football so focus on short bursts of pace) so I wouldn't even attempt to run one. I admire those who do though, have to be at the peak of your physical and mental fitness.

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the longest "marathon" type of thing was with my brother in miami...we did a 5k and i clocked in at 27-28 mins biggrin.gif

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Mr Rabbit

no. closest i came was accidently (don't ask how you can accidently do this) walking 11 miles

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Most I've ran (non-stopping I mean) was 10k in about one hour which is terribly bad since I usually do 5k run in about 25. I recently have stopped running but really want to go back to it. Just being plain lazy I guess.

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