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GTA IV Lags on my spec?


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Raikov Raidenovich

Your PC might be throttling/bottlenecking, like mine, an Asus G73SW-3DE.

Try using Throttlestop: http://forum.notebookreview.com/hardware-c...stop-guide.html

And set your mutiplyer, clock modulation, chipset clock mod to the max.

And Click Turn On, than minimize the app.


If your cooling system is good, (less than 80 while gaming)

turn BD Prochot and C1E Off

And if you overclock, turn EIST Off.

The rest of the features like adjusting your turbo power limits,

you may want to read the instructions on that. Before I had throttlestop, I had 2-19 FPS, even though my PC can handle MAX.

When using throttlestop, it fixes certain PCs that have throttling problems and I got 50- 90FPS on GTA IV at the max settings.


Hope it works for you as it did for me. smile.gif


Anyways, while I play GTA IV and check my processor state, it shows 30% usage, with throttlestop, it runs at 100%.

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