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Wanted Level


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What would you like to fight against in GTA V? In GTA IV 6 stars was a bit to easy, in my opinion, but making tanks chasing one guy also aint right. I would like it like this


1 Star Wanted Level


Police officers will give chase to the player in regular police cruisers. They will pull you over and give you a ticket with a fine (like in Mafia 2). When you are holding a gun they will take their pistols when approaching you. Refusing to pay the ticket or fleeing away for the police will result in a 2 star wanted level. Firing your gun or injuring an officer will also give you a 2 star wanted level.


2 Star Wanted Level


Police offficers will now start firing at the player with their 9mms and more police cruisers will appear. Some officers will also use a Shotgun. Officers will still arrest you when you are in a vehicle or when you have fallen on the ground. (Maybe you should be able to press a button to make the player puts his hands up and surrender, its just an idea) If the player flees in a vehicle, there is a small change that a roadblock will be set up with police cruisers. Injuring two police officers will result in a 3 star wanted level. Police bikes at 1 and 2 star wanted level would be pretty cool, but not as much like in SA.


3 Star Wanted Level


A police helicopter will now start following the player, but unlike GTA IV, there won't be any gunmen trying to kill you YET. More police cars will now show up and also police jeeps (Maybe a police Cavalcade) will give chase to the player. The jeeps contain police officers with bullet proof vests and shotguns. Surrendering is now impossible. The cops will also use spike strips to pop your tires and roadblocks with police cruisers and police jeeps will be set up. On the water, police boats with officers armed with pistols will give chase to the player. (A k9 units would be nice, and it isn't impossible since there is a dog in the trailer.)


4 Star Wanted Level


SWAT Trucks will now be dispatched to make an end to the player his rampage, as well as more police cars and more police jeeps. The SWAT units use MP5s and Shotguns to take the player down. Flash Bangs will also be thrown to distract the player. The roadblocks will now consist out of SWAT Trucks and SWAT members. The officers on the police boats will now be armed with M4s.


5 Star Wanted Level


Police jeeps will now appear not so much anymore compared to previous wanted levels. Instead, more SWAT Trucks and police cars will be send in to take care of the player. All police officers in the passenger seat of the police car will now use the shotgun. The officers in the SWAT Trucks will now use M4s and Automatic Shotguns. SWAT snipers will now take positions on buildings. The Roadblocks will now be made harder to pass with pieces of concrete wall (like the roadblocks in GTA IV, when you haven't unlocked all islands yet.) The police helicopter won't show up anymore, instead 2 or 3 SWAT helicopters will show up and drop of SWAT units with robes. Some SWAT units will also use shields to protect themselves and their squadmates. They will hold the shield in one hand and an 9mm in the other hand.


6 Star Wanted Level


Police cars won't be with so much no more like in the previous wanted levels. They will make way for the other police vehicles. Police jeeps won't show up anymore. SWAT teams will now appear more often on buildings and also in roadblocks. The officers in the SWAT Trucks and polic ecars will now shoot out of their trucks. There will now be 1 less SWAT dropship. Instead, a differnt type of SWAT helicopter will now show up with two gunmen with Assault MGs (M249s). On the sea, the police boats will now get occupied by SWAT units with M4s and M249s. More riot shields will be used and sometimes a SWAT armored vehicle will show up (like the NOOSE APC in TBOGT). FBI agents will now also show up in completely black police cars or jeeps. The FBI agents have a white shirt with bullet proof vests and black shoes and pants. They also have a black cap and glasses. The cap and bullet proof vest have FBI markings on them. The agents use better pistols than the police and SWAT and also use Assault Rifles.


That is a bit what I would like to see.


Now its your turn.

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And where is the army?


Also, snipers on the roofs are not a good idea, they would kill you very quickly when you would be running down the street. That's no fun.

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And where is the army?


Also, snipers on the roofs are not a good idea, they would kill you very quickly when you would be running down the street. That's no fun.

In the topic I posted before this one I suggested that the army is present in the game, but only at military bases.


Snipers not a good idea? I understand, but in GTA IV there were snipers at 5 and 6 star wanted level but their aiming wasn't that wonderfull which made them acceptable to me.


About the military, would you make them appear? Maybe some Military Police in Humvees at 6 stars, I can live with. But the tanks, I prefer them keeping those at the military bases.

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