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Rockstar Games Merchandise?

Buffalo Soldier

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Buffalo Soldier

I'm sure this has been discussed before, But any links provided are outdated now.


Does anyone know any legit place to get Grand Theft Auto [or Rockstar Games] merchandise?

I checked their official warehouse and I'm sorry but all they have is LA Noire bullsh*t, Max Payne and RDR stuff and GTA III merchandise which has mostly gone now anyway.


It's weird because Grand Theft Auto is their biggest game and they hardly ever give it attention on their site - especially here, I'm looking San Andreas or Vice City posters, GTA IV shirts etc


That kind of stuff, I mean COD has loads of merchandise - you always see people wearing MW3 T-Shirts and stuff? I think Rockstar should produce more merchandise, even just good posters.

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There is a bit of GTA merchandise on Rockstar Warehouse:


GTA IV/EFLC T-shirts:



All posters:



Also keep on checking eBay for GTA stuff.


The reason why you don't see so much GTA merchandise is because it gets bought so fast. For example, a few weeks back a key that gamers received after completing GTA IV 100% when the game was first released went on sale on eBay, and it eventually sold for approx. $200.


Rockstar have released tons of merchandise for their games (extremely limited edition items like a Statue Of Happiness statue, license plates, various GTA stickers, and so on) and they all get snatched up by fans faster than you can say "Grand Theft Auto merchandise".

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