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Is gta 4 worth buying for xbox now with GTA 5?


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Nah Tso Gud

What??? The earliest you can expect a release is still like 6 months away... The GTA IV complete edition - search for it, find it, buy it.


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It doesn't matter if Grand Theft Auto V is coming out. Grand Theft Auto IV is also certainly worth playing. Besides, the usual price for it isn't that high anymore, so it's not as if you'd be paying sixty dollars for Grand Theft Auto IV.


Also, there's such thing as Episodes from Liberty City, which is the pair of DLC games that came out as part of the IV era. You might want to look into that, too.


I hope this helps! smile.gif

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No, you shouldn't. Why buy a video game with inferior graphics? Just wait for GTAV to come out so you can look at how pretty it is.

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This is a no brainer! Buy GTA 4 to keep you going. Im sure you wont regret it. The minute you get into New York and just explore the detail youll recognise the difference between IV and SA...and you'll be addicted!

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It's $20, if you haven't played it before then sure. icon14.gif

It is not a large sum will be developed in ebay game , GTA iV it's $19.99 Means $20 He also said @PrometheusX . so GTA V is Will Put Here :





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Mokrie Dela
GTA 5 is coming soon and is it better to spend money for that or should I buy gta 4?

of course it is. GTA IV and EFLC are fantastic games. And V is likely to take place after IV, in the same universe so some things may be referenced.


If you've not played IV, go buy it, it'll easily keep you going until V's release.

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