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Was it CJ or the customizations that you loved?


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I am a little confused as to what you folks mean by the story?

To me, it was CJ returning to SA...(I'm sure you know why) and

restablishing himself in the "hood". He had to prove himself, solve

a murder, deal with cops, deal with the mafia...

I really didn't see much wrong with the story.

Basically the problem is that the story is so disconnected. It's like if you took Luke from Star Wars and put him in WWII. Yeah, it might be fun to dogfight Zeros in an X-wing, but would it make any sense?


Now, on that same line, without letting SA cloud your judgement, take an LA gangster and have him breaking into a secret military base by himself to steal something that logically doesn't exist in that world. Does that make any sense, really? How about that same person going on to be part owner of a casino?


On the other had, there are 3 decent, albeit disconnected, stories, one in each island. The problem is that they are so disconnected that CJ logically should not have been part of all of them, especially while on the run from the cops and while he was so concerned with what was happening with the Families.


GTA IV would have had the same issue, had they not separated the stories among 3 characters. Niko would not have run a club, and Johnny would not have dealt with the Russians. But had it been SA, Luis would have done it all.


A good story follows logic to move from point to point, and doesn't break the characters. A thug is gonna stay a thug, unless there is character development, and in that case they don't revert so quickly.

This is the most well thought out argument I have heard so far.


While I do understand where you are coming from, I guess it

just wasn't a big deal to me to steal a jetpack, open a casino..


And I certainly agree, Niko never would have made a good biker



Of that trilogy (IV and EFLC) I found TBoGT the more exciting

of the three.

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Cole Phelps Gta

Both ! I have gone back to san andreas in a big way ! I'm trying to get 100% i've just been roleplaying like it's real life. I'm creeping up on 3 months in real life and i have 130 hours playing time so far. I've taken a break this week though. I've been working heaps so that's my only focus at the moment (who am i kidding)


I'm really getting into this joint on bounce. Not normally my type of music but it's relaxing


EDIT: I sort of went of topic but i love san andreas for cj and the whole state of san andreas. Both play a big part in my enjoyment while playing san andreas. I also want to say anyone who hasn't finished san andreas 100% you really should. I'm not joking when i say i've missed out on half the game by not going after 100% The amount of fun stuff i've ignored till this year is embarrassing. I'm making up for it now though

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You're too cowardly to even take the heat for it from the people you troll, instead running to the moderators wasting our time with sh*t you started. GTFO.


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