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The Duel.


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Had originaly posted in another topic but thought it could be fun to play so decided to re-post.


The idea was to set up the game in free roam in all over the city. Is better with only 2 or 4 players. You are given 3-5 minutes to find the best vehicule possible (a fire engine is best). The idea is for 2 players per each of the 2 long roads in algonquin (which is why is best for 4 players, unless you use the other shorter roads that criss cross junctions) and then starting as far as away as possible, smash into each other on the driver side. The loser is the person whose car is totaled/destroyed/won't start first. The winner of both duels face each other after wards.

The overall winner will be posted on this topic.




-No shooting

-Each player must check the car to see if it will start

-If you lose, please leave the game

-It is OBLIGATORY to drive into each other, no swerving to the side or driving funny



UPDATE: the first 2 streets to duel on are the 2 opposite each other and the left and right of middle park, (frankfort and columbus avenues) algonquin. the next starting points of a duel can be the algonquin dukes expressway stretching to the far left of kunzite street. Another can be the top left of the alderney freeway to the other end of topaz street. the next is in algonguin on galveston ave. and another on bismark ave. the seventh can be on the charge island straight road freeway (the one with the $5 toll. the last is located on gamet street (algonquin)


this enables 16 players in one match. first match will start when 16 players have registered. (so check gtaforums often) one will be the leader and keeps everyone in order.


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This event has some potential. Might I suggest, having more than one of them going on at once. So that more than 2 - 4 players cant partake.

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