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Reason for the texture glitch uncovered?


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I can't speak for others, but I usually get the texture glitch when I'm in Alderney or near it.

Once I get the glitch it may apply to other islands, however it usually starts when the game attempts to load Alderney textures.


I was wondering why this may be and it truly stumped me. Now I think I may have found the answer. A large chunk of Alderney is just objects that load due to your presence in the area. We're not talking pylons and lamp posts here, we're talking road textures, buildings, and other massive entities. The data for the other parts of the map, by comparison, are loaded through the WPL files found in the "maps" folder. I found this out because I looking through the GTA images for cool objects to spawn, only to find most of Alderney's architecture in there too. The LOD models/textures are all in there too, which means simply staring at the Alderney skyline will cause many of these objects to be loaded up.


This very well may be the reason why we have the texture glitch. The game gets overwhelmed trying to load the WPL files as well as all these different, massive object files when you approach or stare at Alderney.


What do you guys think? Just a theory of course.

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If that's correct, they f*cked up nicely. Maybe it was a lazy man's way to optimize, as Alderney is probably the least visited island.

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