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Multiplayer on PS3


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Hello there.


Since GTA V is still more than half a year away, I was considering getting back to GTA IV multiplayer. And with "getting back", I mean "starting to play it". I have seen a pretty nice deal on the PSN (17€ for EFLC). I have sold my GTA IV after a year of owning it.

I never really gave the multiplayer a chance. I played a few rounds of Team Deathmatch and a few minutes of free mode - that's about it.

Now should I get GTA IV again or EFLC?

Which of the version has the most active multiplayer?



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Mr. Reaper.

Overall, IV has more active players.


But EFLC with both the TL&D and TBoGT Players probably beat the IV margin, just.


I recommend the complete edition.

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